Student first, teacher second. 



My practice began about 18 years ago. Years of competitive sports had me wound so tight that it took nearly a year to touch my toes. There was an immediate shift in my hamstrings, but the far more profound shift in my whole being was what hooked me.  Yoga is magic.

After nearly a decade of practice, I pursued my first teacher training program in Costa Rica, with the intention of deepening my personal practice and having an extended vacation from a demanding finance career. The rest is history. 

I credit the depth of my practice and love of yoga to the many esteemed teachers I have studied with over the years. I am currently most inspired by the intelligence of Annie Carpenter's SmartFLOW, the mindful creativity of Schuyler Grant's Kula Flow, Carrie Owerko's progressive Iyengar teachings, and the philosophy of Katonah Yoga I've learned through Abbie Galvin. 

I look forward to many more years of falling deeply in love with this magical practice. I am honoured to share my biggest passion by leading international retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and public classes all across Canada. After a few wonderful years in the Toronto community, I now call Vancouver home.